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Old School
Check out my old school setup in this picture.
08 Mar 2006

Merry Christmas
I hope everyone is having a nice Christmas or whatever else you celebrate. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday.
25 Dec 2005

I saw the film and it was brilliant. It was nicely done and the visuals were stunning. I highly suggest you see it if you get a chance to go to a theater.
19 Dec 2005

I installed Ubuntu Linux and I must say I am very impressed with it. If you are an old time Linux user or just someone interested in learning how to use Linux then I highly suggest you try Ubuntu. They will even ship you free discs which you can request here. I requested 5 PC CDs just so I could have the nice pressed CDs.
30 Nov 2005

Apple IIe
I bought an Apple IIe on eBay today. It only cost me $26.99, but the S&H was pretty expensive. It was well worth it though. I can't wait for it to come so I can do some 6502 Assembly and Apple BASIC programming on it.
29 Nov 2005

Apple I Replica Creation
I am a big computer enthusiast and when I found Apple I Replica Creation written by Applefritter's Tom Owad I was really excited. I have been wanting to get a book on how to build your own computer from scratch and after a few searches on Amazon I found this great book. I immediately ordered a copy which you can get here. The book covers everything from the history of the Apple I, the tools and materials to buy to build the replica kit and the electronic experiments, some basic digital logic, building the replica kit, programming in Apple BASIC and 6502 Assembly, understanding how the Apple I works, and even more. You can also buy the replica kit designed by Vince Briel here which you assemble yourself. I am almost finished reading the book and soon I will buy the replica kit to put together myself. I highly recommend both the book and the replica kit to any computer enthusiast or anyone who just wants to experience what it was like in the old days of computing.
01 Nov 2005

Happy Halloween
In the Halloween spirit here is a spooky riddle for all you geeks.
2B AA A4 22 2A A4
I'll give you a hint that it takes five steps to decrypt the hidden message which is in ASCII. First one to get it correct wins a free iPod, so good luck. Actually you don't win anything, but have a Happy Halloween anyway.
31 Oct 2005

New Site Design
I created a kick ass medieval theme.
04 Jun 2005

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