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Happy Pi Day
Here's to the great number 3.14159...
14 Mar 2007

XGS Pico
I got the XGS Pico for Christmas which is one of the cheaper kits at XGameStation. It basically teaches you how game consoles work and you can program it in Assembly. It's really cool. Here is a picture of my finished kit.
13 Mar 2007

I started a project to port the Pom1 Apple 1 Emulator from Java to C. I'm using SDL, so it should work on most platforms. I'm going to put up a site for the project some time soon.
20 Aug 2006

Masters of Doom
I finally finished reading Masters of Doom by David Kushner. It was a good book and gave a nice insight on the history of id Software. I recommend it to any id fans who haven't read it yet.
08 Aug 2006

Doom RPG
I bought Doom RPG for my new mobile phone. It's really fun for a cell phone game and has a nice little graphics engine. I recommend it to any Doom fans with a supported phone.
26 Jun 2006

New Super Mario Bros.
I bought New Super Mario Bros. today for my DS. It's really awesome and fun. It isn't just a rehash of the original, but it is just as difficult and frustrating as the original. I recommend anyone with a DS to pick up a copy.
11 Jun 2006

I went to the Smithsonian this past Sunday during my visit to Washington D.C. I saw the Apple I, the Altair 8800, and many other vintage computers and technology. I have two pictures from when I was at the Information Age section that you can view here and here.
30 May 2006

6502 Assembly Wikibook
I put together a 6502 Assembly Wikibook with the help of Apple I Replica Creation by Tom Owad. Anyone interested feel free to use the information or help expand upon it.
07 May 2006

Silent Hill
I just saw the movie and it is by far the best video game to film adaptation. They stuck nicely to the first game and also included some elements from the others. Don't listen to the reviews. I'm sure most of the reviewers didn't even play any of the games. As a player and fan of the original game, I definitely suggest seeing the film.
21 Apr 2006

Another New Site Design
I was getting bored of the old design, so here is the new one.
16 Mar 2006

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